FishEUTrust Kick-Off Meeting Held


The FishEUTrust Consortium Members, including both the Beneficiaries and Associated Partners, met on 12th of September 2022 at the Reactor Center, Brinje 40 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to discuss the FishEUTrust vision and mission, and to examine in detail all its Work Packages (WPs) with a focus on the activity plan for the first 6-9 months. Some of the attendees including the representative of the European Commission (policy officer and project officer) joined the meeting on-line via Zoom.

The first day consisted of a plenary session that gave an overview of the project structure and introduced the project Beneficiaries and Associated Partners. In addition, an introduction on the policy context and expectations and GA provision was provided by EC policy officer and project officer, respectively. The next part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentations and feedback of WPs 1-4. The WPs were presented by the WP leaders. The second day of the KoM continued with a detailed examination of WPs 5-10. Furthermore, the ethical requirements in respect to gender dimension, open research data and innovation management were presented and discussed. The meeting closed with the project actions and next steps.


The objectives of the meeting were as follows:

  • ● To give a brief introduction of all the organisations involved in the project
  • ● To give an overview of the FishEUTrust project and develop a common understanding on its objectives and concept
  • ● To clarify the project positioning in the whole timeline of FishEUTrust
  • ● To examine in detail all the project WPs and tasks, pointing out the expected results
  • ● To identify the specific risks and discuss about the respective contingency plans
  • ● To examine ethics and gender issues
  • ● To clarify the project management and organisational structure and the procedures for open research data management and project administration and reporting.

Forty-five participants were present in person, while further 10 followed the meeting on-line.


Forty-five participants were present in person, while further 16 followed the meeting on-line. All participants in person registered at the meeting by signing a dedicated registration form. A picture of the delegates is shown at the top of this post.

Meeting Schedule

Day 1: 12th September

The meeting started at 1:30 PM (CET) with the opening and welcome of the project coordinator Nives Ogrinc (JSI).The introduction on the policy context and expectations were provided by the EC policy officer Mr. Nikos, while GA provision and CDE were presented by the project officer Mrs Lucia Pacillo.

The session then continued with a series of WP and research topic presentations aimed at providing an overview, including how each WP integrates into the project, as follows:

WP1 - Establish FishEUTrust Co-creation Living Labs (CLLs), Narcisa Bandarra (IPMA)
WP2: Design and validate an initial tailored set of intervention strategies tools to stimulate behavioural change, increase consumer trust and promote FishEUTrust products and solutions, Matteo Vittuari (UNIBO)
WP3: Develop and exploit efficient and sustainable digital supply chain and business models, Christian Philip Unmack (Eurofish)
WP4: Advanced suite of tools for seafood quality, safety and traceability within the supply chain, Duccio Cavalieri (UNIFI)

Day 2: 13th September

The meeting started at 9:00 AM and the sessions were chaired by Nives Ogrinc. The following presentations were given:

WP5: Smart control systems for monitoring the quality and safety across supply chain, Cecilia Cristea (UMF)
WP6: Integrated impact assessment to quantify environmental footprint, sustainability, and socio-economic benefits of FishEUTrust approaches, support for regulation and policy framework, Olivier Jolliet (DTU)
WP7: Integration of technologies for transparent seafood supply chain and digital solutions for increasing consumer awareness, trust and empowerment, Barbara Koroušić Seljak (JSI)
WP8: Communication, dissemination and clustering, Kate Tomlinson (WRG Europe)
WP9: Gender action and monitoring, Siân Astley (EuroFIR), Innovation Management, Javier de la Cueva (JdlC), Open Research Data, Barbara Koroušić Seljak (JSI), Management, Nives Ogrinc (JSI)
WP10: Ethical requirements, Matteo Vittuari (UNIBO);

The meeting was closed by summarizing agreed actions and next steps. Nives Ogrinc thanked all participants for their contributions and closed the meeting at 13:30 (CET). The visit to reactor TRIGA was also organized for attendees who were interested.

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